Best tan colours to wear this holiday season.

People all across the globe love a nice tan. Having tanned skin is one of the most common beauty goals for women. Whether it’s summer or chilly winter, a naturally-glowing skin can set everything perfectly. Tanned and bronzed skin is loved by most as it helps them look healthier, younger, and slimmer. If you are into tanning for a long time or a frequent visitor to that closest tanning booth near you, you might be familiar that tan colours come in different shades. If you are a first-time tanner and don’t want to get a darker shade, you go for lighter shades or other hues. The trick is to choose the shade that compliments your natural skin tone and enhances your natural glow.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best tan colours to explore at your nearest tanning spas in Williamsburg VA for this festive season.

White: Shades of white are best for people with a darker skin tone. The off-while tan shade is perfect if you have a natural dark tan and you want to neutralize it. On the other hand, a brighter shade of white is ideal to accentuate light tan. The white colour compliments every colour and looks fantastic with every tan shade.

Blue: Shades of the blue like tiffany, cyan, and celeste are some of the best tan colours to choose from. You can also go for hues of blue that have a tint of green to them. A blue tan shade will give you that naturally beautiful tan and enhance your eyes and facial features.

Coral: Coral shade is one of the most beautiful tan shades. The coral tan colour is made up of orange and pink shade. Its warm hues enhance the natural colour of the skin and make it look all shiny and healthy. So, for that next vacation to the tropics, try coral tan shade and show off that gorgeous glow. The best thing about coral tan colour is that it blends well will every skin tone and hair colour. Moreover, it is perfect for both night and day look.

Orange and Gold: Orange shade is one of the most common colours for tan. However, there are many hues of orange you can try out. From rust to amber, peach to pumpkin, all shades offer a healthy glow to the wearer. If you have a natural tan, you should opt for the orange tint to enhance the skin’s natural glow and pop out its brown and red hues. If you are going to the closest tanning bed near me for a spray tan, avoid orange shade. Since spray tan may leave that orange hue, getting an orange shade will only darken the colour.

Gold is yet another popular tan colour. Gold symbolizes energy, fun, and luxury. The gold colour blends well with the natural tan and makes it look terrific. For that stunning evening date, enhance your look with shimmery makeup. 

Purple: If you have green or hazel eyes, complement your natural beauty with a lighter purple tone. This feminine colour is suitable for all kinds of occasions. You can choose from lavender, lilac, or mauve tan shades.…